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3DLUT Mod Apk is used to filters for color are stored as 3DLUTs and downloaded from the 3D LUT Creator. You can use desktop software to make custom color filters which you can send to our server for use in the application.
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Oleg Sharonov
Feb 5, 2020
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3DLUT Mod APK has incredible features with basic color adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation as well as white balance. 

The mobile app is a version that runs the desktop software, 3DLUT Creator. You can use this app to alter the appearance of your pictures and videos. 

3DLUT Mod APK Fully Unlocked

The usage of mobile phones is changing with time. We use them for communication, entertainment, and photography/videography. 

Because they are mobile, the majority of people can make use of them for work or personal use. However, if you’re looking forward to creating stunning images, you could make use of an editing tool to improve their quality. 

The most effective one currently is 3DLUT, which comes with an array of appealing color filters.

Oleg Sharonov has created this app that lets you utilize a variety of color filters. Filters permit users to alter the mood of an image without any other actions. 

This app can provide you with Cool tones and warm tones dark tones, as well as many other options.  You can also modify the intensity, saturation, brightness contrast, white balance as well as other settings. It is easy to edit any image with this tool and create stunning effects!


Smartphones are the sole devices that allow mobile photography. We’ve numerous photos and other features in this app. 

Since smartphones now come with several cameras, these pictures could compete with or beat those made with DSLRs. DSLR. Thanks to the advancements in technology today that are available, it’s just a matter of time before we will see DSLR-quality lenses for smartphones.

 However, you can create stunning photos when you are using your smartphone to capture amazing moments. All you need is 3DLUT, an amazing photographer’s app that has thousands of customers! 

You can use 3DLUT to access many filters from diverse categories that can provide an array of emotions.

It is possible to apply cool tones, warm tones and sunset tones shades of black and white, and numerous other filters. You are also able to alter the amount of filter you’d like to use and the brightness. 

You can also alter the white balance, saturation, and contrast for the perfect picture! The app is also able to color-correct your videos making it simple to use. The app comes with a wide range of filters. There are many filters to pick from!

3DLUT Mod APK Premium Features

If you consider the present, we have this blessed with a myriad of fantastic apps, and 3DLUT happens to be one of the best! The following incredible features are included in the application:


If you’re using an iPhone at this moment, you’ll be able to enjoy a myriad of services regardless of the location you’re in. Smartphones are the best source for entertainment, communication, GPS, and a range of other purposes. 

But, one of the most prominent features is its camera which lets users take pictures and videos. So, if you’re looking to make your pictures and videos more appealing then use 3DLUT! This application lets you apply a variety of filters currently available.

Through this application, you will be able to get access to a variety of LUT packages that include a variety of filters. These filters are templates that give your photos a particular look.

 It means that you just require this filter to help make your photos appear stunning! You can also alter the color of your photos by altering the brightness and white balance, as well as the contrast, and saturation. Additionally, you are able to use frequently updated filters.


3DLUT lets you edit videos and photos! While this application only allows you to alter the color of photos but it’s enough to transform boring photos into something exciting. 

In the present day, it is possible to snap stunning photographs with our smartphones and then enhance them using 3DLUT. In this way, you don’t require Photoshop or any other sophisticated editing software for editing.


This application comes with a huge variety of filters which you can download today. Each package comes with a range of options to create different styles and moods. 

Edit a picture that was taken at the beach or on a mountain to look the way you like! You can easily alter the mood of a photograph using the filters in this app. The app offers numerous filters, that you can pick from and are updated regularly.

BASIC Color Adjustments

If you can’t find an option you would like, it is possible to modify your photos by hand! There is a basic adjustment of color here. Here, you can adjust the brightness, saturation contrast, as well as a white balance of your photo or video. This lets you easily make interesting photos!

SHARE Photos

It is possible to save your video or photo directly to your mobile device following editing! It is also possible to directly transfer it onto any other social media platform!

3DLUT Mobile Main Features:

  • Choose photos or videos from the gallery, or snap photographs using your camera.
  • The three main factors that affect brightness, contrast, saturation, and white balance are the three most basic adjustments to color.
  • Complex color corrections for video and images with ready-to-use LUT-based presets
  • We updated this LUT package regularly (requires an internet connection)
  • Send photos to friends via the services you prefer.

3DLUT Mod Apk Benefits

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlocked Pro
  • Unlocked as a VIP
  • Paid
  • Free
  • All devices are unlocked.
  • Paid

How to Download 3DLUT Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ApkGods assure its security for 3DLUT Mod Apk?

If someone wishes to download an APK file from ApkGods. We check Google Play for the relevant APK file and let users download it directly (of course, they’re stored on our servers). When the APK file isn’t located in Google Play, we will seek it out inside our server cache.

How do I change the Apk via the Play Store after installing an ApkGods APK?

Yes, of course. Apart from installing and downloading the service (page loading) however, the Play Store installs the downloads directly from Google’s servers and page loading from sites like ApkGods is exactly the same.

What is it exactly? Android Applications Permissions?

Applications require access to specific devices on the device. Once you have installed an app you are informed of all requirements for it to function.

Can I utilize an APK file?

APK files are legal apps in the event that they are not used in a way that is harmful. If you are limited in space on your phone and you want to install a major app then an APK file is the best choice.

In addition, there are numerous applications that aren’t accessible in the Google Play Store.  The Apk files are the most reliable that you can download without worry.

Is this a no-cost application?

Yes, you can download 3DLUT Mod Apk for free. 3DLUT Mod Apk for free on your smartphone.

Why isn’t my mod apk 3DLUT installed?

It’s possible you have installed an older version of the 3DLUT Mod Apk. It is recommended to download and then install the latest APK file on this site.


3DLUT Mod Apk is best to filter for color. You can save them in 3DLUTs and download them from the 3D LUT Creator. 

You can use the desktop software to create customized color filters, which you can then send to our servers for use within the application.

 As I mentioned above the mod is being developed. Once we complete it, we have it ready, we will update this article. If this mod is beneficial to you then please spread the word to your friends and visit our most popular modded applications and games.


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