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BombSquad Mod Apk could be the ideal option for those who are looking for an arcade. Invite your friends to join BombSquad and demonstrate to them who is the king of all things from capture-the-flag to hockey!
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Eric Froemling
Oct 17, 2022
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Download Bomb Squad Mod APK

Bomb Squad Mod APK: You can explore with your friends in a selection of mini-games, including capture-the-flag and also hockey! 8-player local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, progressed ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, outrageous chefs, and also a lot more are all included.

BombSquad sustains touch screens as well as a selection of controllers, permitting you and your friends to join the action.

You can even use your phone or tablet as a controller by downloading the complimentary ‘BombSquad Remote’ app.

Bomb Squad Mod APK

Do you want to come to be a pro-BombSquad gamer yet are concerned regarding your limited resources?

If so, BombSquad Mod Apk is the very best alternative for you, as it allows you to unlock all secured functions absolutely free.

Now you can blow up your pals as well as be a conqueror in everything from capture-the-flag to hockey.

BombSquad is a multiplayer game that can be played both locally as well as online. You can play the game with as many as seven other individuals as well as attempt to blow them up with punches as well as bombs.

In this video game, you need to contend against friends and enemies while trying to eliminate other players.

You will be provided with a multitude of bombs, each with a distinct capacity to destroy your enemies, that could be your pals or gamers from various states.

This video game gives you numerous settings with dynamic fighting occasions and hard difficulties, along with smooth gameplay, which permits you to take pleasure in the game with passion.

As all of us know, the application programmer has locked away a variety of great personalities and also other things.

To unlock them, you need to acquire (acquisition) them from the Play Shop with real cash, which will cost you numerous dollars.

To resolve this problem, I’m posting likely to share a direct download link for BombSquad Mod Apk, that includes all personalities unlocked and unrestricted tickets.

Continue reading to discover how to use this modded variation to blow up your pals.

Bomb Squad Mod APK

BombSquad Mod Apk is a hacked (modified) version of the original BombSquad game.

You can use all of its premium features, such as unlimited tickets (money), all characters unlocked, minigames unlocked, and many others, without spending any real money.

One of the most appealing aspects of this game is that you can control your in-game characters with any game controller.

  • Tickets are available indefinitely.
  • Unlocking All Modes
  • Graphics of exceptional quality
  • Unlocking All Characters
  • Infinite Health

As we all know, there is a slew of locked characters in the game, including Zoe, Mel, Bernard, Snake Shadow, and Bones. Each character can give you a distinct appearance that will set you apart from the other players.

As a result, you can annihilate any of your friends by drawing them to you.

Every bomb has a different type of blast ability, such as a poisonous blast, a freezing blast, or a fire blast.

This game’s gameplay is very smooth and simple. You must shuffle, collect boxes, and keep your balance to avoid drowning.

Along with that, you must kill your opponent while remaining safe from your own bomb.

Bomb Squad Mod APK God Mode Features:

BombSquad is packed with lots of interesting and powerful features that include elegantly designed graphics, simple-smooth controls and a distinctive character and many more.

I’ve highlighted a few aspects of BombSquad’s Mod Apk‘s capabilities below.

If you’re new to this website and aren’t sure about downloading the modified version, these features can ease your mind and assist you in making a choice.

Tickets for unlimited use

It is the most essential BombSquad Mod function because, without tickets, it is impossible to unlock maps, modes or characters. Tickets are basically an online currency that allows you to have access to the entire range of premium items.

You can earn points by completing the levels, but it can take some time and lots of effort.

The characters that are locked out

If you or a loved one have played the game, you’re likely to know that the game has an array of fascinating characters, including Kronk, Frosty, Pixel and many more.

You’ll require additional points (coins) for unlocking these characters or buying them on the Play Store. In this modified version, however, we’ve made it possible to unlock all the characters on your behalf without costing you one cent.

Smooth controls

The game is simple to play on an Android device. It is also possible to utilize controllers to play your character, as we have previously explained. To connect, just connect to”BombSquad Remote” or the “BombSquad Remote” app.

Ads-free gameplay

Ads can be particularly annoying when they are during the game. They can hinder our ability to enjoy a flawless game. We’ve removed every single advertisement from the game to ensure you have a better experience.

Offline mode

The game can be played offline and online so that you don’t need an internet connection when playing the game. However, certain online purchases require a connection to the internet.

The Bomb Squad Hack MOD APK features

  • A safe gaming environment with no ads
  • Health is unlimited.
  • Many kinds of bombs
  • Players are from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure that you have any questions regarding this amazing blaster-like game.

I tried to address some commonly asked questions from viewers below.

If you feel I didn’t adequately answer your question or have any additional questions regarding this mod apk for BombSquad Please leave a message. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Do you think this Mod Apk is suitable for use?

It is true that HTML0 Bomb Squad Mod Apk is secure to use for any kind of gadget. Every app and game that is available on this website is thoroughly tested by an experienced team. So, don’t worry about your privacy or security. We’ll ensure you that privacy and security are secure.

If you are still looking to protect yourself then you must install antivirus software on your device.

Can it be played with I to join this with buddies?

You can play the game with your buddies and yes. First, you must establish a group and forward an email with the number of ports to a friend and ask your friend to sign up. It is this way you participate in games with acquaintances.

The pros of Bomb Squad Mod APK Download

As you may have guessed that we’ve already talked about the top and most crucial features of this version that we modified. Look through the below list for a quick summary.

  • Tickets are on sale indefinitely.
  • Characters that aren’t locked
  • The ads are now gone.
  • Shopping for Free

Other games that you may want to play. Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Mini Militia, Dragon Mania and a range of others are all available in Google Play. Google Play store.


BombSquad Mod Apk could be the ideal option for those who are looking for an arcade. Invite your friends to join BombSquad and demonstrate to them who is the king of all things from capture-the-flag to hockey!

We tried to unlock all items that are paid with this mod in order to ensure that you don’t pay for resources.

If you are enjoying this mod edition of the game Please forward it to your BombSquad Fans.

Also, if you experience any issues with the BombSquad Mod Apk or some of the features that have been modified do not perform for you, write a message. I’m more than happy to help you with all your questions.


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