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Dec 5, 2020
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Clash of Lights Hack Apk was developed and upgraded to give you the pleasure of having access to everything. It is a sounding version of the original game, based upon the title. 

This modified APK is identical to the official version, but with additional features that I’ll discuss inside the report. Clash of Lights is an Android game player can install. 

Everything will be exactly the same as when you played the game in its original version. Keep reading to find out more!

Clash of Lights Hacks Command Features

Commands that are available:

  • BASEATTACK Generated
  • Improve my village
  • Get rid of all obstructions
  • Improve the TROOP/SPELL LEVELS
  • Include GEMS
  • Incorporate MAGIC ITEMS
  • Incorporate MEDICALS
  • Turn on SUPER TROOPS
  • Switch off SUPER TROOPS

Clash of Lights MOD [Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gems]

This is the COC player’s dream that comes real. You’ll get an unlimitable amount of gems, gold as well an elixir in addition to the dark one. 

We are all aware of the time it takes to build and improve any structure. It’s like it’s going to never end and we’re not even able to make use of the building as a defence or even attack. 

We are exhausted from playing this game since a single wall piece is so costly. With this in mind, this is why we present to you the Clash Of Lights APK with unlimited everything that lets you create anything you want at the moment without having to wait for a second.

Clash of Lights Latest Version Download

Clash of Lights Hack APK

This Mod is much more fun than the COC in its original COC. Are you aware of the reason? You may not know. Clash of Lights is offered via Lights Servers and made by third-party developers.

It comes with a number of fantastic features, including unlimited gems and gold, elixirs, the capacity of troops, spells and more. We don’t have to think for hours about it,

“Oh god, when will my great barbarians be able to be at maximum levels!” “Well, I am sure you are, which is why I’m going to introduce you to the fantastic Mod that comes with many cool features and a myriad of options that I’ll cover in the following paragraphs!”

Clash of Lights Private Server APK

Clash of Lights Features:

Clash of Lights APK It has many amazing features that make it much better than the original. The following are some of them:

  • Townhall 13 is now unlocked.
  • New troopers, Yeti and Headhunter, are now unlocked.
  • The resources are endless ( the elixirs, gold and dark elixirs )
  • Unrestricted gems
  • There’s no reason to wait for upgrades.
  • The Clan System
  • Goblin stages are all available in single-player mode.
  • Chat feature
  • 1v1 fights

These are just a few fundamental characteristics that are included in Clash of Lights APK, and its infinite resources make it amazing.

 It is possible to upgrade everything without hesitation or worry over “why you wasted your money on these huge fat beasts instead of amazing Wizards”

LOL! Be assured, with these fantastic features, you will not regret making upgrades using this mod. The clan system is available. You can play on your own or form an alliance with a group of friends!

 Make use of the chat function and prepare for a memorable experience playing 1v1 battles.

Clash of Lights Unlimited Troops

Features that make Clash of Lights distinct from other MODS

  • Townhall 13 is now unlocked.
  • Command system to quickly advance to the highest levels of buildings, heroes and more.
  • Cheat-code system that increases spell capacity up to 500
  • A command system with a strength of 500 soldiers is now available.
  • Lightweight and fast
  • There is nothing to be worried about and no restriction.

Cheat-code System of Clash of Lights

There is a Clash of Lights cheat-code system is called the command feature. it has many functions including a command like”/add spells,” which will let you unlock 500 spells in your account.

That sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? There are many commands available for building and upgrading heroes in addition to expanding troop strength which is a great thing.

Lightweight and quick

It’s, as the name suggests an extremely light mod that requires less memory in your smartphone. It’s fast however, what exactly is speedy? 

This doesn’t mean that your big fat machines will run at a rapid pace but it does mean it’s quick and less sluggish, easy to use and quick when it comes to upgrading!

Safe and No Ban

Clash of Lights, unlike the majority of third-party applications, is safe and will not cause harm to your device. Additionally, you’re not exiled for using it, do you know the reason? 

Because in contrast to the game that is official, which offers a separate server for players to use with an unlimited supply of gold, elixirs and gems won’t be a reason to ban you! Since they’re all components of the game.

100% Uptime

Its Clash of Lights private server is determined to be the top private server on the marketplace right now. Clash of Lights MOD server can provide players with 100 per cent uptime.

This means you won’t have been waiting around for the game’s load once more and there will be no downtime for the server. allows players to play the game at any time they like.

Weekly Updates

Clash Of Lights APK Clash Of Lights app provides regular updates every week as they are available. Updates are distributed according to the servers that were originally used. Updates are fast reliable, secure, and safe and are made available on time.

Working Real 1V1

Clash Of Lights APK Clash Of Lights app lets you participate in battles that are multiplayer. This means that you can now go on raids against bases of enemies for loot in the same manner as you would on real servers.

Clash of Lights APK 2020 Installation:

Clash of Lights Hack APK

To install Clash of Lights APK as there are numerous instances where people download apps from websites but don’t read the instructions. They do not know how to install them that’s the reason I’m trying to help you understand how easy it is to install this APK simply by following some easy steps!

  • Allow apps from untrusted sites to run.
  • After downloading the file, go to>storage>downloads>clash of Lights, then enable install from unknown sources, and then tap on install. The installation will start in about 30 minutes, or as fast as 30 minutes if your device is an excellent device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think it safe to play the Clash of Lights APK safe?

It’s safe for your devices as we are concerned about the safety of our players and not like other third-party sites which simply offer their dangerous applications. It is not necessary to root your phone in order to take advantage of Clash of Lights’ amazing features.

Do I have to be barred?

It’s likely that you’re concerned about being banned, but be aware the Clash of Lights APK is identical to COC’s original COC however they utilize different servers. So, don’t fret it’s not likely to be banned. This mod was made to entertain and have fun.

How can I get Clash of Lights if I already own the game?

You might be thinking what the reason to download the mod version even if you already own the game in its official version. Yeah. Yes, you’re right.

Clash of Lights is for people who simply would like to play with these amazing features, who want to enjoy themselves and do not need to wait for days or even months to get the highest levels of troops and heroes! 

This mod is for everyone! If yours is one, you need to prepare yourself as this mod is fantastic!


Clash of Lights Hack APK is a gameplay and what are your thoughts about Clash of Lights? Are you impressed? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

There’s virtually no person who won’t enjoy the game If you enjoyed COC and COC 2, he’ll appreciate Clash of Lights APK for Android also If not more! 

Due to all these amazing features and awesome things like 500 troops magic spells that don’t require any upgrade times there are no looting problems infinite gems, resources and more! 

I hope you like the most recent Version of the mod Don’t forget to look at the other awesome APKs on this website.


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