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Cooking Fever Mod APK is known to be the popular arcade-style cooking simulation game and is currently at the top of the charts for being the most incredible cooking game
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Oct 12, 2022
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Cooking Fever MOD APK is known to be the popular arcade-style cooking simulation game and is currently at the top of the charts for being the most incredible cooking game.

The whole interface of the game has been quite simple and it is yet bringing the people closer to the knowledge about having beautiful and delicious dishes to cook at.

The game is also featuring out some of the amazing culinary cultures.

Cooking Fever APK Gameplay

Cooking Fever makes the use of friendly gameplay where it turns out to be suitable for all age groups. It has the style which provides you with endless entertainment. Inside the game, the players will be taking upon the position as the fast-food restaurant chef. You will be specializing in serving out with some of the simple dishes. These dishes are hamburgers or hot dogs. But with time, you have to develop some new dishes and recipes for attracting more customers. The game will also feature some things to make the whole gameplay extra exciting for you.

Cooking Fever APK Features:

Upgrade your Cooking Appliances and Utensils

  • It is evident that the chef who uses the best equipment and tools in the kitchen has the most impact on restaurant sales. The game introduces you to a great, yet simple upgrade system that allows players to upgrade everything. This could be processing speed, raw ingredients value, or unlocking new content to serve your customers.
  • On the basis of type of restaurant, the whole upgrade system is quite a lot different which gives the whole game a feel of being richer and extra divers for the players. Hence this is the game which is probably giving the players with some fascinating content to bring a huge impact on restaurant’s revenue when it is equipped.

Unlocking of New Cooking Dishes or Recipes

  • The entire gameplay content has been quite simple and it even allows the players to have the experience of different restaurants for discovering the excitement of chef. Each restaurant will be having their own set of challenges for players to easily test the flexibility and concentration.


  • The whole graphics of the Cooking Fever game has been all add up with the 3D interesting effects. There are thousands of dishes and all of them have been designed in a realistic manner as similar to the real life dishes. For losing weight, this game is a must play for you.
  • You will also experience with some great sound effects. The cooking sound brings the feeling of high interest and authenticity to the whole game. All encapsulated in the 87 MB of memory which is not too big.

Cooking Fever APK Features:

  • Plus, you can prepare with a maximum of 1300 kinds of recipes with 350 ingredients in them.
  • You will be able to catch with more than 1400 levels.
  • You will be able to catch with a maximum of 27 locations that are inside Cooking Fever MOD APK.
  • Hundreds and yet hundreds of upgrades for your appliances of kitchen and its interior.
  • To save all your programs, you can access external storage.
  • You can also access the location for providing the region-specific in-game offer


  • Best game to kill your free time
  • Fast pace
  • Keep the hand-eye coordination order.
  • Best to entertain adults and kids


  • Extra gem are needed for upgrading
  • Not easy to get the gems
  • Hard to proceed after you crosses the first level
  • Connect yourself to store for buying gems

How to Get Gems?

  1. You should be setting your time as in advance than in the real-time. Just turn-off the wifi-Setting-off automatically to the timing set-change the day to 1 day after. You have to redo several times and then you will be able to get a lot of gems.
  2. At the top right side of the game screen, you have to increase the experience level (EL). This will enable you to earn with 7 gems for each of the new EL. You have to merely play the same level over and over for getting into the next EL and yet earn more gems.
  3. There is a need to be a bit finicky and hence try to gauge up which the gem-investment is giving you the most ‘bang’ for the buck.
  4. Don’t forget to open the game each day and you will definitely get the award after 10 days.
  5. You should be playing at the highest earning restaurant level over and over again just to earn more.

You can easily have this game downloaded on your android phone where it is available on the Google Play Store right now. In just a few minutes of downloading and installation, you will have this game available on your mobile screen. Have fun!

Download Guide Cooking Fever


Cooking Fever Mod APK is a restaurant app where you are fond of being a chef and wants to cook some exciting delicious dishes all the time?

If yes, then don’t forget to download Cooking Fever Mod APK right now and grab some experience of being a professional and famous chef in your town.

What's new

As the player will reach the minimum requirements, some new restaurants will be unlocked and they will somehow work and yet discover new things directly. Each of the restaurant’s cooking and hence is serving in a different style. Plus, the cooking methods and ingredients are also vibrant and plentiful. This is the main reason that each of the restaurants is into the new experience and makes the players are more stressed or even excited because of their increasing set of difficulty.



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