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For those who are looking for combat games such as WWE Mayhem, Injustice 2 and others there's also EA SPORTS UFC is among the most fun games to play on you Android devices. 
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Sep 6, 2022
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EA Sports UFC is a mobile application game. It is a very enjoying and exploration game. In this game the player gets playing and fighting with some of the most amazing UFC fighters. These fighters may be male or female, but they are very famous in their arts. You can pick your favorite fighter and compete with the others in the tournaments, or you can enter as a new fighter and start your own journey. This game is for those who are interested in world class UFC fights and eager to win the epic fighting in mobile.

This game makes and dives you into a very addictive UFC actions with competent opponents in various tournaments. You make some extra ordinary moves and fighting techniques to take down your enemies. In this game you have to make smooth control and enjoy the fights to its full zeal and zest. It is better to explore the impressive available skills and improve so that you may have UFC fighters.

Story About EA Sports UFC

In the game Android gamers will get the opportunity to begin an individual UFC journey. Select from a variety of characters and follow their tales as you guide them through your professional UFC career difficulties. You will be able to take on exciting battles and adventures alongside your character as you beat your opponents one after the next.

At the same time you can explore the deep training and customizing options that will allow you to create your own unique fighter with a dazzling skill set and statistics. Let your fighters go through rigorous training to increase their power to unlock the most powerful equipment, and increase your abilities to make more effective attack.

There are a lot of interesting tournaments and leagues for players to participate with EA SPORTS UFC. You’ll be able to build your own roster with the top fighters in the world with various styles. Take on your adversaries in the Octagon and increase your standing. Be determined to become the best UFC fighters around the globe.

EA Sports UFC Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Embark on your ultimate UFC journeys

In the beginning you’ll be granted access to the most epic game-based UFC journeys. You can be part of novice fighters on their first steps into pro UFC fighting. Explore different stories and events throughout your journey from a novice fighter to an international UFC champion. It’s among the most extensive and entertaining UFC adventures you could enjoy on your smartphone.

Play and train your favorite UFC fighters

As you progress through your own UFC adventures The game will allow players to create their own rosters of best fighters of various weights. You can collect and train your favourite UFC fighters from the Flyweight lightweight, middleweight to heavyweight divisions, or perhaps even take in interesting fights in the bantamweight division. Choose from 70 different fighters, each with distinct sets of abilities and a variety of statistics. Discover different styles of fighting with each fighter while you battle your adversaries in a series of thrilling UFC fights.

Progress in the game when you win tournaments and fights and gain access to new characters, accumulate loots and more. You will be able to fight your opponents as you advance in your career, and put money into the training while you ramp up every fighter on your roster.

EA Sports UFC: In-depth character customizations

Additionally in order to make the game more exciting the players can also choose to make interesting modifications for their characters. This could includes changing their clothing and incorporating certain characteristics to their appearances, such as hairstyles tattoos, and other such. It is your choice to take on your adversaries with EA SPORTS UFC by putting on different styles.

Explore epic and addictive real-time combats

If you’re one of those who are interested, the game includes thrilling and addicting live-time UFC fights. In this game, you’ll be able to join your adversaries in the thrilling Octagons. Surrounded by stunning crowds, and you’ll become completely hooked by the fights.

Enjoy thrilling and thrilling battles when you make use of the simple control of the touch to perform stunning attacks and clever tactics to defeat your foes. You can experience different types of game by playing with diverse controls, varying combat speeds and interesting opponent.

Enjoy interesting live events throughout the game

In addition, to make combats more entertaining and engaging, players can also take to live events that are unique every week. Participate in the most current live events and join the two great fighters in their fights. Be successful against your adversaries and get yourself some awesome rewards.

EA Sports UFC: Climb the ranks and compete with the top fighters

In addition, users of EA SPORTS UFC will also be able to compete against with each other in exciting online contests. You can fight with top fighters from the world to earn highest positions in the rankings table. Take on your foes by taking your opponents down in exciting match-ups. You can win to earn more ranking points, collect exclusive loots and items, take over your league and progress to more prestigious contest.

Additionally to that, for those who are interested, you could play online using The Head to Head mode. Take on your friends and online players by choosing your favorite rosters and taking the fights to the limit.

Free to play

To make the experience even more enjoyable, players can also play EA SPORTS UFC on smartphones for free. In this regard, you can find it on Google Play Store and download the game without paying anything.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod

Furthermore, if you want to experience the fully unlocked game, with ads-free experience with unlimited purchases, similar features, then it is recommended to use this modified game. Simply download and install UFC Mod APK on our site. Follow the steps provided and you’ll be ready to go.

EA Sports UFC Visual and sound quality


You will be lost in the world of amazing UFC action with this fantastic game by EA. Discover the realm of legendary fighters and watch them fight with one another in the realistic UFC fights. Experience precise and clear physical physics that ensure that every single action within the game more accessible. Most importantly that, thanks to the highly optimized graphics on tablets gamers will have access to fluid and enjoyable gameplay in EA SPORTS UFC regardless of the game.


In addition to the amazing visual and graphic experiences gamers playing EA SPORTS UFCS will also enjoy the thrilling and fun audio experiences. You can enjoy the authentic and real sound effects that will have gamers completely enthralled by the action.


For those who are looking for combat games such as WWE Mayhem, Injustice 2 and others there’s also EA SPORTS UFC is among the most fun games to play on you Android devices. 

With deep gameplay, engaging combat, exciting gameplay modes and much more you’ll be able to enjoy combat to the max. 

Additionally, you’ll also get access to the game’s unlocked and free play through the mod. This deserves an enormous thumbs up.


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