Emergency HQ Game Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] 2022


EMERGENCY Mod APK HQ the firefighter and rescue simulation game can be downloaded and played for free, however, certain game elements are also available for purchase with real money. If you do not wish to take advantage of this feature you can turn off in-app purchases on the settings of your device.
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Oct 12, 2022
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Download Emergency HQ Game Mod Apk

Emergency HQ Game Mod Apk: Control rescue employees, firefighters paramedics, medical professionals, Special forces, and also police to quit fires, rescue animals as well as conserve lives, battle terrorists, as well as much a lot more.

Make your base and build the perfect emergency response team! Improve the engine of your fire department, building, hospital, or other equipment, and expand your base. 

Make use of firefighters, rescue services police, technical and other units to tackle a variety of thrilling and challenging tasks!

Emergency HQ MOD APK Features:

Playing is easy
The game is addicting due to its ease of use. If there is a fire, call your local fire station. Check that the tires are fine enough for the vehicle. 

Engineers, medical professionals, and others who work in close proximity to structures or burn cars could be at risk of fires that hinder workers from performing their duties.

We must be vigilant and help firefighters. Firefighters are able to assist in spraying fire extinguishers around fire hazard zones and help those suffering from fire. 

In addition, medical personnel will assist you in dressing your partner for a short time.

After you’ve finished a particular assignment, each team enters the game with just one player. After you have completed many stages of the game you are able to upgrade any building that is able to attract more participants. 

For instance, if you change doctors from one to the next, it is possible to will be able to hire more workers. It helps you work faster as well as more effectively.

Emergency HQ Game Mod Apk: Fantastic and attractive price

There are various badges and prizes based on the time it takes to complete the mission from platinum to bronze either sooner or later. 

The faster you finish your mission, the greater amount of cash and prizes you’ll be awarded. Additionally, you can earn many diamonds from watching commercials or visiting your colleagues and friends to open the mysterious box to discover the secrets inside.

In each of these enigmatic boxes, you will find two diamonds and two diamonds on each list. 

It is also possible to send your team members on various buses to aid in the issues in various areas and earn additional cash for various side projects. 

With the funds you can renovate the structures for different professions.

The amount of time required to teach a team to be more skilled and flexible varies from 5 to at most 40 minutes. For buildings, this could range between 15 minutes and 100 hours.

Main feature

The game is brimming with exciting and flexible features are available. 

There are a variety of incidents that range from massive events and explosions like terror arrests to small incidents such as rescuing endangered animals.

That is the main focus of this game, the central point of the.

The storyline of the game isn’t fine, which means it’s appropriate for children aged 7 and above. Furthermore, this game mechanic is also beneficial and is a favorite among gamers.

It’s game-time management. The game is extremely graphically designed with a precise simulation of buildings, characters, and explosions.

Additionally, players can zoom in or out when playing. To help monitor players, tasks are listed on right at the very top, with the tasks to be completed and the number of tasks required to be completed.

 If the task is unsuccessful it is necessary to restart and restart the entire task.

  • Unlimited cash
  • MOD Unlocked

Emergency HQ Download Guide


You can download EMERGENCY Mod APK HQ the firefighter and rescue simulation game. However, certain game elements are also available for purchase with real money.

 If you do not wish to take advantage of this feature you can turn off in-app purchases on the settings of your device.

What's new


- Various bug fixes and optimizations.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun in EMERGENCY HQ!


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