Random Dice: Defense Mod APK [Unlimited Money] 2022


Random Dice PvP Defense revolves around cubes of varying properties and effects. You collect decks that may contain five dice, just as in any other collectable game of cards. 
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Oct 24, 2022
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Download Random Dice: Defense Mod APK

Random Dice: Defense Mod Apk is a collecting dice, match similar dice, and unlock exciting defence kits game. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to change your strategy or approach to the game. In this game, the Defence makes the game more enjoyable in general.

Random Dice: Defense Mod APK is an amazing new game where you can download from the google play store.

There are lots of strategies to defend oneself in an exciting tower defence game. The game requires merging the same type of dice with the same number. You can obtain a high level of the dice tower. Keep remembering that the tower type changes randomly when you connect them.

It is the best strategy for your opponents to fend off incoming enemies to get longer and longer. You can mix and match different dice and create your best and energetic PvP deck.

Random Dice Mod APK 2022

Random Dice: PvP Defence Mod Apk is an engaging game that will introduce Android gamers to the most effective strategies and games of puzzles. You no longer must play the same tank destroyer game by using the upgraded dome defence gameplay. 

It’s Random Dice: Defense that gives players unique dice fusion experiences that allow them to combine dice rounds similar to each other into one. Get higher-level dice that offer more strength and random qualities. 

To get more involved in the game, alter your strategy and tactics. Explore different levels and challenge modes to have fun playing with random cubes: PvP defence. 

Random Dice: Defense will make you smile with its thrilling online gameplay and PvP challenges.

Random Dice: Defense Mod Apk Gameplay:

Winner of the G-Star Honor Awards in 2020! Random Dice 2021 is an exhilarating tower defence game where you construct dice towers that have different capabilities and defend them against enemies who are advancing. 

AWESOME Strategy Defense in Real-Time! PVP Tower Defense with “Random Dice”! Get rid of the monsters by using the variety of unique Dice Towers. Combine the same Dice Towers to summon a stronger Dice Tower. 

There is a chance that you’ll receive an entirely different Dice Tower than you anticipated. If you pair the same kind of dice that have the exact same numbers you’ll end up with one that is one step higher. You should keep in mind when you combine them, the type of tower alters randomly. 

You can battle the incoming foes for longer and longer durations, your opponent will be more difficult. You can adapt your strategy to the deck of your opponent. Mix and match dice to create the most effective deck of PvP.

Random Dice: Defence Mod Menu APK Features:


Android players can experience an exciting and simple tower defence game, with easy gameplay in Random Dice: Defense. Take on enemies using your dice skills, and match dice to unlock more powerful powers and enjoy intense dice fights. You preparing your long-term strategy to beat every challenge.

 You’ll have no difficulty understanding the game’s features. These are very intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.


Anyone who is interested in the fun and exciting game in Random Dice: PvP Defense will have more fun with dice of different capabilities. You can play a more strategic game that has a lot of dice power. 

Have fun and try out various strategies and methods for winning.


For Random Dice: PvP Defense you will have to overcome numerous initial obstacles to boost your strength by stacking dice. 

Think about how you can defend yourself against attacks from enemies and enhance your plan of attack.  The innovative and intriguing game mechanics can make these steps much more fun.


Playing Random Dice: PvP Defense, Android players will be attacked by enemies, in addition to having their strength raised. 

To be able to defend against enemies it is essential to constantly build your bones as playing. You should be prepared for a crucial attack that will thwart defences and enhance your odds of winning.


Android players must be aware of the general strategy and current situation in the card game in addition to defending and fouling. Set traps for your opponents to be caught in. 

Be aware of constant attacks that they aren’t able to defend. These strategies all can enhance the enjoyment of playing.


The thrilling gameplay of Random Dice: PvP Defense is enhanced with the addition of exclusive bosses as well as opponents to fight. 

Enjoy free to participate in an array of exciting games and revel in the unique experiences. Complete your towers with full-featured features to fight the evil enemies coming in the near future.


Players who wish to enjoy the games Random Dice: PvP Defense can now play in a cooperative, strategic mode that includes a wide range of features available. 

Team up with your fellow players or with friends to protect your home from the invading forces. Utilize a variety of strategies to make the most enjoyment out of this thrilling game. Also, it offers new ways to PvP defence-related difficulties. 

The most important thing is that the random Dice: PvP Defense provides enormous rewards that are free.


Random Dice has several game modes that include PvP Defense. The traditional PvP mode is recommended for novices where you play against another player for the ability to destroy groups of opponents.

 A player who fails to kill three enemies first loses. This project also features an option for cooperative play. It means that two people can work together to take down the typical waves of formidable enemies.

 It is possible to define your role in this game. Your friend, for instance, could place dice that create damage on the field. In turn, you could aid him by putting auras and cubes of passive effects.


To play the game you roll dice randomly on the field, and they become part of the set. you’ve got in your set. It is possible to improve your units in various ways during the game. 

You can build a stronger version by mixing cubes that have similar numbers. You can imagine that the resultant cube is decided by random. It is also possible to observe your dice at the bottom of the screen. You can quickly enhance.

Random Dice: Defence Mod Hack Android Features:

The Random Dice Apk Mod includes the following features:

  • Money is plentiful
  • Diamonds forever
  • Unrestricted Gems
  • Shopping for Free
  • Critical 99 percent
  • Auto-Update to the Most Recent Version
  • Enabling Autosync
  • Get it for free
  • The safest way to download it. Random Dice MOD File.
  • The format does not reason to root and jailbreaking.

Downloads Guide Random Dice MOD APK on Android


Random Dice: Defense Mod Apk revolves around cubes of varying properties and effects. You collect decks that may contain five dice, just as in any other collectable game of cards. 

After reading this thorough guide, written by Dapks.com I’m sure you have a good understanding of all aspects of the Random Dice MOD APK. Please leave any concerns in the comment section below, and we’ll attempt to respond to your questions. You should check out other articles to discover more incredible Mods.


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