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Score hero Mod APK is the best football sports game that can possibly play on android platform. Enjoy the real life simulated football game with immersive graphics and highly intense visuals.
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28 September 2021
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Score Hero Mod APK

Score Hero Mod APKIt is a football game that features intense 3D graphics and amazing visuals. It was designed to stimulate real-life football matches. The game is based on a real-life football game. Kick the ball around the perimeter and attempt to score a goal. You can build a team and work with other players on your football team. To avoid the defense players, players can control the dimensions of the ball and hit the ball with the right angles to score the goal.

Score Hero APK Gameplay

Score hero initiates with building up your own team by selecting the players and jerseys for your team members. Players have a huge variety of selecting the football types, football grounds, and types of tournaments. Players can select the leagues of different countries and recruit themselves into more than eight hundred different tournaments and levels of football matches. Build up a proper strategy in order to hit the football into the net and make the goal. It is very fun game to play!

Scoring more goals will help you get more points and which will eventually help you to glorify your team with success. The game has a tremendously huge variety of different match types and modes. Players could compete with different teams from all around the world or they could just practice with their own team members in the practice mode. Players can also play solo just for the sake of learning the curves and angles of hitting and the projection of the football. Winning the matches and tournaments will reward you with trophies and lots of coins and upgrades. Players can switch the teams and improve the gears and outfits of the team members in their football team.

Score Hero APK Features:

Stunning graphics:

  • It features the most outstanding and intensely high graphics for a football sports game. The game is completely like a real-life football game. This game requires the same strategy, techniques, and tricks as the real-life football game. The game is highly spectacular in visuals with three-dimensional graphical representation. Players will also notice the mesmerizing animations scene of cheering on teammates after every goal and victory in the matches.

Realistic Mechanism:

  • It features the mechanism of real-world football. The potential and project angles of football are simulated by real-life football matches. Players can play efficiently with the easy virtual controls and create different combinations of hitting of the football in order to make the goal.

Characters customization:

  • It allows you to customize the appearance of your character by changing its facial characteristics, outfits including jerseys, and the nicker of football players. Players have the option to modify the look of footballs by changing various skins. The pitch and the grounds of football have huge variety by featuring the different locations from all around the world. Players can also change the eye color, hairstyles, and ethnicity of players.

Score Hero Mod APK

Score Hero Mod APK features unlimited money and coins which helps the players get unlimited chances to regain health and play as much as they want. It comes with all the premium features unlocked so players don’t have to worry about earning the money by repeatedly playing the same matches over and over again. Players can also select any levels directly without even clearing the previous one.

Score Hero Mod Features:

  • Unlimited money:

It features unlimited coins which players can use to get limitless chances and turns to play the game, this feature will eventually help you win any matches effortlessly. Players can easily buy whatever they want without any restrictions or inconvenience. All the premium stuff and upgrades can be purchased limitlessly with the help of unlimited money in your account provided by the Score Hero Mod APK.

Limitless customization:

  • As we’ve discussed earlier, the mod of score apk has all the premium features unlocked so players can customize the appearance of your characters including their hair type, hair color, skin color, facial characteristics, ethnicities and the race of characters. The outfits of players can also be changed or modified according to your own choice. Outfits include the various designs of jerseys, nickers and the shoes of the players. The players have access to different locations of the football ground for matches and they can also change the different skin of football.

Tips To Play:

  • Players must build a proper strategy in order to glorify their team members with victory.
  • Try to learn the mechanism and hitting projectile angles of the football in order to play efficiently.
  • You can bend the upcoming shot from the top corner in order to prevent the scoring of the other team.
  • Hit the ball with the curved projectile angle in order to pass the defensive players and make the goal.
  • The other way to winning the matches is to prevent other team members from making the goal and your team will eventually win the matches.
  • Players must have compatible android devices in order to play this game.
  • The minimum requirement for this game is two gigabytes of ram and at least 150 megabytes free storage on their android devices.
  • If you want to play along with your friends and other real competitors from all around the world you must have a strong and stable internet connection.

Score Hero Download Guide:

Score Hero Mod APK

Frequently Asked Questions

How to win the matches against strong opponents?

Execute a proper strategy by customizing the position of players and try to make as many goals as you can. Stopping the other team members from making the goals will also help you win the matches.

How to pass through the stubborn defensive players?

You have to understand the mechanism of the projectile angle of football in order to pass through the stubborn defensive players.

How to compete with real players from all around the world?

Just sign up with your social media accounts and play along with your friends and real competitors from all around the world.


Score Hero Mod APK is the best football sports game that can possibly play on the android platform. Enjoy the real-life simulated football game with immersive graphics and highly intense visuals.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.62.01 95 MB 4.1 and up 05/08/2021



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