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Slap Kings MOD APK will be able to satisfy the majority of Android gamers. The game provides a fun and exciting gaming experiences that you can generally enjoy at any time you want. In addition, with our mod, you will now be able to enjoy the open-ended interactivity of Slap Kings without having to pay anything.
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Lion Studios
Sep 30, 2022
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Download Slap Kings Mod Apk

Slap Kings MOD APK from Lion Studios bring the game to life. A fascinating game with slaps with clever sound effects and stunning images. 

In the game, Android players will have chances to compete with the masterwork and the energizing, continuous interaction of slapping challenges in which you and your opponents will be able to show off your amazing slaps.

 This game involves a slap contest where players must slap one another to get attention. The player who gets the most slaps the more impressively is the winner. A failure is a person who is defeated or has given up.

Slap Kings Game Apk

Do your best to take on your opponents and ensure your status as the ruler of slaps in this hilarious game by Lion Studios.

The fundamentals are the same for you to participate in the most elating and unwinding games on your Android devices. 

Match up with your opponents in a one-on-one battle where each of you will prove to one another who has the most effective slaps.

Take down your opponents with a slap every turn. Get rid of a lump from your opponent’s health by delivering effective and precise slaps. 

The person who bargains the most damage and eliminates their adversaries first will win.

Additionally, it’s not the sole factor in determining your success; it’s the precision and methods that count. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the challenges and, in all cases try to slap everything that can be expected to prevail against your foes. 

Take the next step in overcoming challenges in the game and you will become the top slapper on the planet by dominating the game.

Easy to Slap

The interaction with Slap Kings is relatively simple. It is best if you kept trying to touch the screen in order to strike the Slap. If the bar is within the blue area, it means that your slap is hitting the highest force. 

Your character, as well as other competitors, is equipped with well-being bars. The file is different from that of the rival. If you’re it is put on the table, the well-being focus will decrease.

 People who have had zero lists will be unable to maintain. In addition, you’d like to avoid falling flat, would you not?

Changes to characters

If you are able to win in a game you’ll be awarded customary prizes as well as gold coins. However, they’re not useless since they can be used to increase your character’s power. 

There are two upgradeable markers that you can upgrade: the force as well as your wellbeing. The well-being section can improve your overall well-being.

The higher your well-being is, the more obvious your ability to resist the impact. For example, the power of slaps is more stable. The more grounded your power, the stronger and more intricate your slap is able to be.

Your character must fight to take on each opponent. The next competitor is likely to appear more solid than your previous opponent. If you can beat all of your competitors in the game.

You become King Slap. This is the ultimate goal of the game and the goal that all players of this game require.

Become the Slap King

Amazing plan

The essence of the game, in general, revolves around and playing repeatedly. How do people fall in love with this game? There are many reasons.

  1. From the beginning you will not just have to face your opponents. Every now and then you’ll meet a variety of opponents like blockades, fish and tons of blocks, watermelon. At times, you’ll encounter instructors, people who are chubby as well as hooligans, combative strategies experts, and lots of characters.
  2. Slapping isn’t just about the act of slapping. When you are able to achieve the exactness of your slap, you’ll be able to create amazing and fun impact. For example, you can do gymnastics the ring, hopping from start to finish and then slap your opponent taking them off the rings.
  3. The musical effects of the game can cause you to giggle continuously.

The drawback in the game

The game is a bit exhausting when it comes to assessing particular clients. It is time to upgrade all modes. Similar to competitions, challenges require in terms of sound and impacts.

 It also doesn’t allow changing your character. It is expected to take into account customization or character selection, making the game more unique.

Slap kings APK

Are you willing to take part in the most insane game on your mobile? Install Slap Kings APK to challenge other players and become the most hated slapper of all!

Slap Kings APK Download Guide

Slap king Mod APK

The amount of cash you can earn at the end of each game screen isn’t that much, so the method of upgrading your character is going to be slow. The best way to do this is to use the MOD version to play Slap Kings!

Limitless Money

With an unlimited amount of money available you can make changes to the character’s list without much effort.

No Ads

Have fun playing this game and slap torment even more when you are not irritated by the advertisements that pop everywhere.


Is the MOD version secure?

It is indeed secured. Furthermore is that the MOD form along with the APK is secure. We assure you that this is the case.

Is there an MOD version available for iOS?

Isn’t. We don’t do MOD for iOS right now.


Slap Kings APK will be able to satisfy the majority of Android gamers. The game provides a fun and exciting gaming experience that you can generally enjoy at any time you want. 

In addition, with our mod, you will now be able to enjoy the open-ended interactivity of Slap Kings without having to pay anything.

What's new


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


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