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In Wildscapes Mod APK you will have to solve various puzzles in order to construct your dream zoo full of adorable animals.
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Jan 2023, 2023
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Wildscapes Mod APK
Wildscapes Mod APK

Wildscapes Mod APK will certainly need you to address numerous challenges to construct your dream zoo.

You can likewise build supermarkets, markets, water fountains, and also hangout locations to attract more vacationers. You are cost-free to check out the globe and also make your zoo a remarkable location for site visitors.

The players start with just one animal, but over time, they can build the most spectacular zoo in the world.

If you enjoy animal games and always want to have beautiful and adorable animals in your home, such as cats and dogs.

Wildscapes Mod APK

This game is ideal for you because you will have to solve various puzzles in order to build your dream zoo full of adorable animals.

This game is very popular among people who enjoy pets and playing animal games.

That is why it has gained a lot of fame in such a short period of time, and its fan base is growing by the day, with thousands of positive feedbacks and 4+ ratings.

Wildscapes APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this game focuses on the zoo growing where you have to build the zoo and take care of the animals. Its gameplay is quite simple.

You are required to restore the glory of the zoo. Rebuild the zoo with its cute animals.

It is a three-match puzzle game. On one hand, you can design your zoo from the ground up, selecting which decorations and animals you want in each location.

On the other hand, you can solve puzzles to win coins and stars, which you can then use to upgrade your zoo with new decorations and other fun items.

Wildscapes’ puzzles are classic match-3 games. The fewer turns it takes you to complete each level’s goals, the more points you get.

This is the only way to earn three stars, which allows you to purchase new zoo items. As a result, the more you play, the more you can improve your zoo.

Wildscapes Mod APK

Wildscapes APK Features

Simple gameplay

  • This game has a very simple gameplay where you only have to solve the puzzles my matching items and earn points and stars that you can use to build and improve your zoo.

Unlock different areas

  • You can unlock different areas and welcome different animals from distinct habitats. Each area consists of different kinds of animals that you can keep in your zoo and help your zoo grow and make it your dream zoo.

Customize your zoo

  • You can totally customize the zoo as you like by choosing from the different design options. You can use various items from the store to make your zoo unique and beautiful.

Decorate the zoo

  • You can decorate your zoo with amazing items from all around the world. Each player having distinct taste can make their zoos according to their choice and liking.

Animal boosters

  • You can power up your gaming level with particular animal boosters. This game offers the players multiple animal boosters that have different functions. They are very useful in the game.
Wildscapes Mod APK

Tips To Play

Fill the Sun Progress Bar to Earn Bonus Coins in Each Level

  • Collect suns by putting new animals in enclosures and decorating the zoo.
  • When you collect suns, the progress bar or sun bar at the top of the screen fills up a little bit.
  • When the progress bar is full, you advance to the next level and earn bonus coins for each match-3 level completed.

Get help from animal helpers.

  • Animal helpers in Wildscapes throw power-ups at random locations when you fill up their progress bars by matching their favorite items.
  • When the adorable red raccoon’s progress bar fills up, he’ll start throwing spinning tops. To get his power-up, keep matching three or more apples.
Wildscapes Mod APK

Fulfil visitors’ requests to earn rubies.

  • The players must fulfil any requests that the visitor of their zoo have in order to earn maximum rubies.

Match 4-5 or as many tiles as possible at a time.

  • This game goes beyond the mechanics of match-3 puzzle and let’s you match 4 to 5 items at a time. To successfully complete a level it almost becomes necessary to match 4 to 5 items at once.

Follow the in-game hints.

  • The initial levels of the game are pretty easy but as the levels become higher the difficulty level also increased and sometimes the players get stuck, in order for the players to complete the level there are some in-game hints for assistance.

Use your boosters wisely.

  • Do not waste your boosters on early levels as they are pretty easy and can be completed without any boosters. Save boosters for harder levels.

Wildscapes Mod APK Download Guide

Wildscapes Mod APK

Wildscapes Mod APK

The Wildscapes Mod APK is a fork of the original game. Many paying choices have been turned to free in this mod file to assist people unable or unwilling to pay for premium services.

Wildscapes Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All animals and areas unlocked
  • Infinite booster
  • Infinite lives

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wildscapes free?

Wildscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

How to get lives in Wildscapes?

Every time you lose a level, you lose a life. It takes 30 minutes to refill the life. Lives can also be bought with coins or you can ask your friends for some extra lives. In order to get unlimited lives, you must download the Mod APK version of Wildscapes.

How many levels are there in Wildscapes?

To unlock the Next Zoo location, you must complete nearly 100 levels of the 3-Match. That’s how you’ll be able to progress in this game.

How to add friends on Wildscapes?

By clicking on the “Add friends” button in the side menu, you’ll be taken to a special section where you can meet new friends and help each other in your Wildscapes games.


Wildscapes Mod APK is a fun and addictive casual game with very fun and interesting features. Also the graphics of this game are colourful and fun to look at it, with tons of levels to play and animals to collect.

What's new

  • Heading to Egypt
  • New animals- camels, hippos, gazelles
  • New items- pyramids, sphinxes, sand sculptures and build a pool for pharaoh
  • Great deals on booster sets



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